Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Scorpio and Sex.

Scorpio is one of the water astrological signs of the zodiac and some would say that it is the most sexual of all the signs.
Most Scorpio’s have do have a smoldering sex appeal, they are sexually highly volatile and they can be volcanic.
The Scorpio sexual appetite is at times insatiable, powerfully libidinous and intensely sexy, the Scorpio ignores the taboos.
The Scorpio lover can at times use sex to manipulate or to control their lover. Scorpios are intense and polarized about everything within their lives and that includes sex.
Some higher minded Scorpio’s will see sex as an opportunity to explore the mystical depths of their emotions.
Scorpios are inquisitive, experimental and they may use sexual props to saturate the environment with eroticism.
Their sexuality can be described in two words, variation and power.
Scorpios desire a varied sex life.
However much a Scorpio may enjoy sex they will use it as a potent weapon for domination and survival.
Most of the time it is the Scorpio who is in charge of the sexual relationship.
The more aroused a Scorpio is, the more uninhibited and dominant they become. Sexually this sign can become totally involved and uninhibited.

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