Monday, September 27, 2010

I can't wait to tell them about us..

Baby I know when we started out there were things you didn't know
but babygirl we got a lot of things we need to discuss
I know I'm asking for alot, but just trust.
You say that things getting old
Sneakin 'round creepin and love on the low
but babygirl I can't wait till it's officially us
I can't wait to let them know about us.

So please don't say you wanna give up.
How do I tell her that I'm falling in love
And I know your waiting patiently for that day
When we no longer have to lie about us.
When I'm with her all I want is your touch,
And when you call me I don't wanna hang up,
And I know I say it often but I can't wait
Till we no longer have to lie about us.

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