Friday, September 17, 2010

So you never had a girl, thats precious as a pearl and at the same time
wile out against the world
Sexy & tough, yeah I got that stuff.
You stick around long enough boo you'll see whats up.
You got to tell me something about you, cause I'm hanging around here all on a good view.
Like could you be true blue? The words you stick to, would you be the type to make me catch a quick flu? and if I catch a case I feel like sticking it through.
Are you the kinda guy thats gonna take me high, and have me saying words like 'love' and 'never lie' dont let that past relation bullshit get in my eyes.
You thinking we can rise? then baby we can rise.
and if you're having worries-push it all aside.
and if at the end it works out its all because we tried and if your looking for love you know with me you find.

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